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Kentucky Wedding Photographer  - About
Kentucky Wedding Photographer - About

love cherish laugh

All Angles Photography is 100% about giving you the
most you could ever dream of out of your wedding day.
We want you to look back at your images 50 years from
now and still have tears in your eyes, or be able to laugh
at all of those small candid moments you had forgotten
about. We want to be there when your daddy cries as
he sees his little girl for the first time in her wedding dress.
We want to be there as your groom's face lights up when
he sees you come down the aisle. We want to capture
that sweet contentment on your face as you have your first dance as husband and wife. We want you to laugh, cry,
smile, and enjoy every minute of your wedding day,
knowing that we will be there for it all. So, feel free to
contact us. We would love to start planning with you how your dreams will be forever captured.